Eye of the Universe


Took this pic in my backyard. The last full moon of the year. I felt the Universe watching me.20181221_183308[1]

Watch for the Signs


Lately, I am in the need of inspiration. Positivity. Love and Light. There is too much negative energy around me now and I need so positive energy to give balance.  More and more I am watching and listening to the signs the Universe gives me and today they took me to a YouTube channel that gave me exactly what I needed.

Preston Smiles channel popped up while I was looking at a video about updating resumes.  In the back of my mind, I was really thinking I need some positive and inspirational words right now.  I scrolled down the list and there was a video titled “How to Stop Attracting Drama in Your Life”  so I clicked on it.  Right now I live a drama free life so I was wondering why I was sent here.  Then it came up, “The Master Formula – Accept+Let Go+Faith+Now”.

This video cam at the right time because I am trying to live more in the now and not worry about the past and future. Every once in a while those pesky negative thoughts will creep in and I need a reminder of what is actually important. This was my sign. This was my confirmation to stay focused on now and everything else will work itself out.

Need a some positive words right now, check out Preston Smiles on YouTube.