Erotic Pole Poetry


Erotic pole poetry… yeah it was as great experience. I had the pleasure of experiencing an erotic poetry open mic, hosted by 4plaync, which also featured pole dancing and musicians. Poets, from all ages, came out and shared their work on love, sex, sensuality, and relationships. Some of the highlights included pole dancing performed to spoken word. It was amazing to see the visual side while someone speaks their truth and heart.


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The crowd consisted of old, young, couples, and singles. Most of the poets were men, who spoke on meeting their loves, relationships, family, and life. I loved the blend of people sharing their experiences. Some people would thing erotic poetry was just about people sitting around talking about sex, but it is more than that. This was about people opening their hearts to the experience of connecting with someone else. The sharing of energy. The sharing of intimacy. Having your partner sitting there looking at you while you share you heart and soul about how they make you feel. Being able to translate feelings into words is an art. Being able to share those words with others is a gift.

I remember, years ago, poetry was an outlet for sharing my feelings. Poetry was my way of connecting with the one I loved. Somehow, over the years, I stopped writing, but this event changed me. It made me realize how much I love writing, poetry, and connecting with others. So, this year, I plan to write more, share more, and connect more. If you are a poet or writer, I would love to read your work, if you are willing to share.

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Reflections Of My Soul


I love poetry. I love writing and reading it.  A friend sent me this book and, I must say, it really makes you think about this thing we call love.  This is not your ordinary book of love poems.  This author talks about the happy, sad, confusing, dark, and realistic side of love, relationships, sex, and heartbreak.

This is the poetry for real life. It’s one of those books that make you say, “I knew I wasn’t the only one”  The author, Cheryse Newsome, is very blunt and to the point.  She doesn’t sugar coat anything and I love it.

Some of my favorites are “That Love”  “Remember” and “Alone But Not Lonely”.

So, if you are looking for love poems that are not all sugar, spice, and everything nice, check out Cheryse Newsome’s, Reflections Of My Soul, on Amazon.

The Comforter


Can I fall asleep in your arms tonight

Can I cuddle up next to you and inhale the scent of you

As I shiver from your intimate touch while you run your fingers down my spine

Gently caressing my behind as your lips lightly brush against mine

And sparks a fire the increases my desire

Can I melt into your strong ebony arms as the heat from your body keeps me warm

I want to feel the rhythm of your heart beat against mine like a Bantu drum

While our thighs intertwine in a sensual dance ,the weight of your body crushing mine

I hold onto you like a lifeline

The sounds of our moans fill the air like a sweet love song

Drawing us deeper into a spiritual trance

Taking us to another place that transcends time and space

As we explore this fantasy ride, the pressure building up inside

And as the heavens and stars explode and we descend back to other side

Safe and warm in our bed, against your chest I lay my head

When I finally look into your eyes and see the love inside

I just have one last thing to ask

Can I fall asleep in your arms tonight