Goodbye Cheese – I will miss you


I am finally saying goodbye to cheese. The thing is I love cheese. I love the taste, smell, and feel of cheese. I love it on pizza, eggs, mac and cheese, and cheesy pastas.  Oh hell, I love cheese but my allergies and sinuses don’t.

For the past year, whenever I eat cheese, I’ve have not so good reactions. It use to be it would just make my sinuses drain or clog. Then it turned into a itchy throat and a cough. Now, I throw up for days and have so much sinus pressure from the mucus I can barely stand to sit up. Last week I had pizza and later that night I was throwing up so much even after I finished my stomach was still contracting (It was like morning sickness all over again). My daughter came running in the bathing asking did I need to go to the doctor. Honestly, it felt like I did, but me being stubborn, I didn’t. Seeing the look on her face, and the pain in my stomach, let me know it was time to give up cheese. Also, since I already have year round allergies, from nature trying to kill me,  and have to take allergy meds everyday, I don’t to have to keep dealing with this too.

I know there are vegan options and I would love to find a good one without spending a lot of money going through the bad ones. So if anyone has any suggestions on vegan options, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Reflections from the Riviera Maya, Mexico


Oh warmth, where are you? It seems like forever since I was here, in Riviera Maya,  Mexico, soaking in sun rays and feeling the warmth surrounding me. It seems like forever since I sat on the beach, looking at the ocean, pondering where my life is going. But, it’s only been a month. A month since I had some of the most amazing food and drinks. Since I swam in the most beautiful pools and splashed in the ocean. A month since I had the most amazing massage EVER- yes it was that good.

Right now, in North Carolina, the last bit of snow is slowly disappearing. There’s barely any trace of the 11 inches of snow from last weekend. This has been the craziest and coldest Fall. We rarely get snow this early in year. Heck we never get snow this early. If we get snow, it’s after the new year. Usually, I can still go outside in a light jacket and hat. Now I need snow boots, layers of clothes, and a wind deflector. It’s like we skipped right over Fall.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Winter. I love the crisp cold air and the barren land. I live for snuggling under the covers, with some hot chocolate, while watching movies and home improvement shows. For me, it is a time of death and rebirth. The cold comes in and kills all, that no longer serves a purpose, in order to bring in new life. I’m taking a look at my life in this same way. The Riviera Maya was gorgeous and warm, but it also served as a way of me clearing out old stagnant energy and bringing new energy into my life. As I sat on the beach watching the sun reflect on the water, I also reflected on the last year of my life – the good and the bad. Thankfully, there were a lot more good than bad days. But, I also realized it’s time for me to let some ideas I had for my life die. The vision I had for my life no longer applies. Maybe I was holding on too tightly to the idea, in my mind, of how I wanted my life to be, instead of allowing in what I needed to create the life that was best for me – yeah, just a little too tight.

So now, I let go and bid farewell to my vision, or nightmare, I held in the prison of my mind. I will take this winter break to go inside and hibernate, and look forward to waking up in the spring fresh and renewed – reborn.


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