Reclaim Your Voice


It’s great to have friends, mentors, and people you can depend on.  It’s good to have someone to talk to, bounce ideas back and forth, or just converse with from time to time. That is the beauty of have wonderful people in your life.

One of the draw backs is you may start to lose your voice.  You start taking their advice so much that you no longer trust your instincts – your inner voice.  You start to repeat the things they say, act the same as them, and, in some cases, start to look like them. All of your ideas are what others told you they should be, and you no longer question what they say.  Even when having conversations with others, outside your circle, you find yourself repeating their ideas instead of your own.

It’s time to reclaim your voice.  Time to trust your intuition and ideas.  Time to be you.  This may take distancing yourself from these people, retreating into your safe place, and taking a deep look at what or who you have become and who you want to be.  Yes, I know it’s hard. I have been there before and it’s easy to let someone else make decisions for your life instead of voicing your opinion and following your instincts. But, it is so much more freeing and exciting to follow your inner voice and make your own decisions. It feels wonderful to know that you can make the right choices or wrong choice and still be you.  You don’t have to be a clone of your friends and mentors. Everything you need is inside you and once your realize it a whole new world awaits you. Own your life, own your decisions, and reclaim your voice.

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Follow the Leader


Stop it!  Stop letting others lead you to a place where you don’t want to be.  Whether it is a lover, family, friend, or boss.   Stop letting people make decisions for your life.  If you don’t want to do something, DON’T DO IT.  If you would rather spend the weekend at home, in your pajamas, eating tacos in bed, instead of going out with friends or family, DO IT.   If you want to simply work 9-5 and not strive to be a manager, then DO IT.

You are the only person who knows your needs, heart, and goals.  You are the only person who has to answer for the choices you make in your life.  You are the person who has to live with your decisions.  Stop playing follow the leader and become the leader.  Take control of your life.


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Wrong Turn, Right Path


Just because you take a wrong turn doesn’t mean you’re not on the right path.  There are many side roads that take us to beautiful and scary places.  What you may feel is a wrong choice, in your path to growth, may just be what you need to understand your path more.

Nothing is always black and white or straight forward.  Side roads, mountains, oceans, and black holes are some of the “wrong turns” we encounter in life. Yes, they can be obstacles, but they are also lessons.  We encounter these things to make us stronger.  Take what you need, learn, process, and apply it to what you need to grow.  Leave what is not needed- you know the extra baggage.  Look for the beauty in these wrong turns and overcome your fears of the unknown.  The next part of your journey awaits you.

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Is Your Community Serving Your Highest Good?


On your journey to growth, success, and peace, you must surround yourself with a community, of people, who will support you and your vision.  Often times, when people set out on a journey or to complete a goal, they are not surrounded by a community who support them.   They may say it can’t be done, question your motives, or just turn their backs on you.  They may even spread their negativity to others causing even more negative energy to come your way.  Remember you can’t share your dream with everyone because everyone is not going to understand or see your path.

Don’t be afraid to walk away, from the people or things, that don’t serve your highest good.  The community, with whom you surround yourself, should be supportive, encouraging, loving, and nonjudgmental.  This does not mean they will agree with you on everything, but it does mean they will find supportive ways to help guide you.  They will be willing to communicate with you and not talk about you.   They will also call you out on your BS.  Remember, a supportive group helps you grow and growth involves facing some painful truths, letting go of safety nets, and stepping outside your comfort zone.

As you continue on your journey, take inventory of the people you have in your circle.  Are they supportive, loving, and encouraging?  Can you talk to them about what is going on in your life without fear of judgement?  Are they helping you identify the crutches holding you back or are they helping you make excuses as to why you can’t take that next step?  If your community is not serving your highest good, it’s time to find a new one.