A Week in Pics…NY Vacation


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Pizza Perfect – NYC Vacation


I am currently on vacation, in NYC.  It’s great to have some time off to relax and regroup. While on a late night walk, my friend and I spotted a brick oven pizza place.  Ummm, pizza and a brick oven, count me in.

Paesano is a Italian restaurant, in Little Italy.  It’s small and quiet with romantic and cozy atmosphere.  We ordered the classic cheese pizza and it was so good.   The crust was thin and crispy, with just the right amount of sauce and cheese.  It was light and non-greasy.

While waiting for our pizza, I was able to get a look at some of the other dishes, being served to customers.  They looked wonderful as well.  After tasting the pizza, I will definitely go back and try more dishes.


Late Night Thoughts…


Why are people so quick to define others by their imperfections, addictions, or flaws?  Are people less worthy because they are not perfect?  Is someone less of a person because they don’t excel in all areas of life?

A person can be a great teacher, musician, writer, or friend and still have internal battles to fight. You could have known this person all of your life and never known the struggles he faced, every day. This person could have helped you when no one else would but never once had the courage to ask for help herself.  As long as they never revealed their struggles, they were considered great, worthy, or a hero.

The thing with some people,  it’s easier to help others than to help themselves.   It’s easier to help others face their fears than to fight the monster under their own bed. Sometimes, being there for someone else is what keeping them from breaking.

People spend way too much time focusing on what is wrong instead of celebrating the good.  Having an addiction, imperfection, or flaw does not make anyone any less of a person.  It doesn’t make them less real. It does not negate all the good they have done.   They are still worthy of friendship, love, and life.  And to someone who needs it, they are still a hero.