Natural Hair Expo 2012


Two weeks ago I hung out with my mom at the 2012 Natural Hair Expo in Raleigh, NC.  We had a wonderful time chatting with the vendors about different hair products, clothes, music, and upcoming events.  It was great to see young entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas.   We were able to see hair show demonstrations and there was also live entertainment.

As we were leaving out, I had the chance to meet  Mrs. Black North Carolina 2011, Sandra Dubose-Gibson.  Mrs. Gibson is a motivational speaker, Indie filmmaker, singer/songwriter, and actress.  You may also noticed that she is bald.  Mrs. Gibson has  Alopecia, which is an incurable autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. We briefly discussed her DVD entitled The Project Liberation as well as her role in inspiring others through motivational speaking. 

My mom and I had a great mother/daughter day.  It is always a blessing to spend time with the people you love while doing something you love.



Beauty Marks by Justice


A couple of days ago, I was sent a link for Justice’s new song “Beauty Marks”.  I must say I really surprised when I listened to it. I love the simplicity of the song and video.  I can picture myself listening to it while just relaxing at the beach, chilling at the pool, or home in my sunroom.  It’s  like a sweet song that a man would play for his woman when she is feeling down or insecure about herself.   

I am really impressed with how Justice is evolving with his music.  It is refreshing to hear music without the degrading of women and men.  Justice also has a new mix tape,” Beautiful Mess”, that you can download from under the name Just Justice.  You can also check out his Facebook page, Just Justice. 

As I have said before, I am all about supporting up and coming positive artists.  I believe, with our support, Justice will make a huge mark on the music industry.

Check out the video for “Beauty Marks”