Fear of Flying


For years I had a fear of flying.  Not the fear of flying most people think about, such as getting on an airplane.  My fear was about letting go and living my dreams.  There are many people who have a fear of living for the day.  People who fear letting go of their support (security) system in order to live out their dreams.

I know there has been times when I have really wanted to do something but was too afraid to actually do it.   There were  places I have wanted to visit, books I’ve wanted to write, and people I have wanted to engage in conversation.  But I was so afraid of  leaving my comfort zone that I missed all those opportunities to learn, experience, and grow.  My fear of not meeting others expectations kept me from living my dreams.  My fear of flying kept me grounded to a unfulfilling life. 

What is it that makes us fear living life so much?  Why do we hide behind “what if I fail” or “maybe I’m not strong enough”?  Why do we hold on so tight to a life that is not fulfilling our needs instead of embracing a life that we want?  Why do we fight so hard to live up to other people’s expectations instead of our own?   Why is it so difficult to open our arms, close our eyes, and fall into this wonderful thing called life?

I have decided from now on I am going experience as much as I can in life.  So I am dusting of my passport and racking up my frequent flier miles.  Time to spread my wings and fly.  I hope you will too.

Thought for today


He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened..

Lao Tzu