Thought for Today


“How are you going to be my voice if you can’t hear my music?’

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read this?  This thought can have multiple meanings. One meaning for me is about love.  Everyone wants to speak on love, tell others what love is, or what love should be.  But for me, one cannot tell others about love or profess love unless he  truly knows what love is.  I am not talking about the kind of love that fades after a couple of years or the love one has over possessions or frivolous things.  I am talking about the love that endures whether that person stays with you or not.  The love the comes from truly knowing yourself and being in tune with who you really are and that shines  for everyone to see.  The love that is unconditional under any conditions.  The love that knows no bounds, no limits, no selfishness.  The love that is pure in essence.  That is the music I hear.

So what does this mean to you? …………   Just Curious

“Why me?”


 When things go “wrong” in life, the first question people ask is “Why me?”.   Sometimes we feel as if our lives should be perfect with no worries or cares.  Some people believe they should get what they want and when they want it.  Then things go wrong and we ask the dreaded question.   In order to get the world back on track people make deals with the devil, God(s), universe, nature, and just about anyone or anything else they can think of.  We just want our “normal” life back.  We need things to be “the way they used to be”.  We want to be back in “control” again.

 Think of all the things you have wished for or wanted in life.  Things you really didn’t need but just wanted to fulfill a sudden desire you had at that time.  Or maybe you just wanted it because you saw someone else with one or it looked good in the store. Maybe you saw this person that you just had to be with or tried to stay in a relationship that was over long ago.  Did you get upset because you didn’t get what you wanted?  Did you think it was the worst thing that could have happened?   But how many people actually stop and think that  maybe not getting what they wanted was the best thing that ever happened to them?   Maybe in not getting the one thing  you wanted, you got everything you needed. 

Circumstances happen for a reason. They make us stronger and wiser.  Everything you go through in life  makes you the person you are today.    So all those “wrongs” were actually rights.   All those steps we thought we were taking backwards were  really three steps forward.  Not getting that thing or person you wanted was preparing you to get the thing or person you needed.  Unless you go through bad times in life you will never know how to appreciate the good times.  I believe that unless you experience the bad times you will never know how to identify the good times.  

So the next time something goes wrong instead of asking “Why me?” ask yourself “Why not me?”  Ask yourself what is this moment preparing you for.  How can you learn and grow stronger from the experience?  And when time passes and you forget about what you wanted, you will realize it was preparing you to receive what you needed.

MLC Scholarship Fund


On August 13, 2011, the Cannady-Crudup family held the seventh annual Mertha Lee Crudup Scholarship Fund bingo.  The event was established, in honor of  my grandmother, to raise money for scholarships to help minority students  attend college.   The recipients are from Franklinton High School in Franklinton, NC.   The scholarships are given out every year at senior night.  

Businesses, family members, and friends donated prizes for the event.   We received great donations from The  Body Shop, the NC Zoo, Carolina Ale House, and Costco.  We received food donations from community members.  The use of microphones and speakers were donated by community members as well.  The family also gave out school supplies to parents and children who attended the event.

Despite the heavy rains, we still had a great turnout and lots of fun.  Our regular guests and new players braved the storm to help a worthy cause.  Because of  them, we were able to raise $678 to go towards the 2012 scholarship fund. 

The Cannady-Crudup family would like to thank  the businesses, volunteers, The Franklin Times,  and The Wake Weekly for making this event a success.

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Just Dance


Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we are here we may as well dance!

Life comes with many ups and downs.  Some days are better than others.  Some people are easier to communicate with than others.  We get stressed out by our jobs, kids, and traffic.  We hastily rush our time away wishing for something better instead of living and benefiting from the present.

While there will always  be some bad times, I have to believe there will be 10x as many good times.  The moments we spend laughing with coworkers when we should be working.  The tender moments we share with our mate when no one is looking.  Times spent laughing and playing with the kids on a bright sunny day,  graduating from college, or hearing your baby say his first word are priceless. Weekends just hanging out and having a great time with family and friends for no special reason can’t be replaced.

No,  life may not be always be one big party.   At times there will be some slow love songs, blues,  jazz, country, or rock and roll.  Maybe even some head banging going  on every now and then.  But no matter what song is playing…..JUST DANCE!

What Language Do You Dream In?


A friend once asked me what language do I dream in.  It was an interesting question that I had never really thought about.  Yes,  I dream and some are my dreams are kind of crazy.   But I had never really thought about what language I am speaking when I dream.  It was a question to ponder.

We then started questioning whether people who speak English, but not as their native language, dream in English.  Are the conversations they have with others in the dream in English, their native tongue, or both?

He asked a lady I used to work with the same question one day when we were visiting a book store.  Debbie is from Canada and speaks French, English, and Hebrew.  Debbie’s response was that when she dreams she is speaking French in her dreams.  I was surprised  she could remember and that she paid attention to the language she spoke while asleep.  It made me even more curious about my own dreams.

Since then I have paid more attention to my dreams and I til this day I have only spoke English in my dreams.  That is for as much as I can remember.

So I ask “What language do you dream in?  ……… Just Curious



Welcome to my blog HappilyCurious.   I am just getting back into the writing game and I hope this blog helps me with the  writer’s block I’ve experiencing.  I named the blog HappilyCurious because I love experiencing new things and get excited about learning something new.  I hope my blog will entertain, inspire, inform, and make you think about things in a new way.

Peace, Love, and Many Blessings